Obligations of tourist travelled to UAE

To apply for a visa the applicant is required to submit his/her passport and certificate of identity, as well as the identity of the guarantor who filled in the application form.
If the tourist, for what so ever the reason (staying in hospital and court liability excluded) stayed more than 30 days in U.A.E., this particular tourist has to pay an amount of USD 56 (AED 200) per each first day of overstay USD 28 (AED 100) per each of the other days of overstay in cash as per the U.A.E. law. In case of violation of UAE visa regime the tourist on return, or the guarantor who signed this document, according demands of UAE Immigration Service, should pay the penalty in the amount of 3000 AZN (three thousand AZN) to the “Victory Tour” company rendered the visa support. If the tourist left the country but his name wasn’t cleared in emigration system, he should pay 41 dollar for Flight Confirmation Clearance from emigration.

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